How to Grow Veggies from Kitchen Scraps

Growing Veggies from Kitchen Scraps is AWESOME

Here you will see how to grow veggies starting from kitchen scraps, think before discarding some greens, it could regrow and give you more veggies for free


1.Scallions from discarded roots

Growing scallions from their roots is arguably the easiest vegetable to regrow. Change the water every day and you will see results in a week. Find directions here


2.Garlic Sprouts

You can grow garlic sprouts (which are edible!) from a garlic clove. Or you could just use the garlic clove. Find directions to grow garlic sprouts here


3.Romain Lettuce

You can grow romaine lettuce from the bottom of a head of lettuce. You don’t need to put romaine lettuce in soil, but if you do, the leaves will grow to twice the size. This also works for cabbage. more info here


4.Carrot Greens

This looks like more of a fun experiment than something you’d actually want to eat. Carrot greens can be a little bitter, but you can try chopping them up with some garlic, vinegar, and honey to sweeten them. Find directions on how to grow them here


5.Eternal Basil

You can grow new basil from basil cuttings. An endless supply of basil?! Make sure to change the water often so the plant doesn’t get slimy. More info here


6.An avocado pit will grow into an avocado tree.

Growing an avocado plant requires a lot of attention, and will take anywhere between five to thirteen years to produce avocados (if it ever does) . If you’re feeling ambitious and have a lot of free time, why not? You could see the magic here


7.The patience of ginger

Ginger roots can sprout and grow more ginger. It may take a few months for shoots to sprout and up to a year for the plant to grow harvest-worthy roots, but at least this project is low-maintenance. Here you could find some tricks



Onions can grow from the root end of an onion. It seems strange that you could just chop off an onion bottom and plant it in soil and something magical happens. Here you could find info

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